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  • Red and white setter puppies

    Dog gives birth to 10 new puppies of Britain’s rarest breed

    An unusually large litter of super-rare and even cuter puppies is offering fresh hope that one of Britain’s most endangered dog breeds could be set for a renaissance.

  • Puppy training

    5 Top Tips On How to House Train Your Puppy

    Positive Reinforcement You should always reward your puppy for showing good habits. It’s a lot more educational than punishing him for bad behavior. Be prepared to give treats for […]

  • 7 Top Tips to Picking A Perfect Puppy Name 1

    7 Top Tips to Picking A Perfect Puppy Name

    Picking the perfect puppy name You may be waiting until the day you see your puppy to pick the perfect puppy name, when you look into those eyes, you’ll just know what to call him. However, if you’re not so keen on placing all your eggs in one basket by hoping for the best, there […]

  • How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance 6

    How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance

    When you bring a pet into your home, there are many decisions to make. You want to make sure that your pets have the proper food, a nice place to sleep and plenty of toys. To keep your pets in the best possible health, you make sure they get their daily exercise and take them every […]