10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets

10 best destinations to travel with pets as nothing comes close to having your trusty pet by your side. Why not try some of our recommendations below.

For starters, pets can be funny, goofy, energetic, curious, and never annoying during a trip. Your loyal pet won’t bug you for anything, and won’t judge the way you drive. Whether your pal has fur, feathers or a shell, pets could very well be, the perfect sidekick for your journeys!
As pets become part of the family, and it’s hard to leave them behind when going on a vacation.

Things Can Get Complicated

Animal lovers all over the world know that leaving their precious pets behind while they go traveling is not an option. But every dog or cat owner knows that it’s not easy bringing a pet along on a trip, and things can get a little complicated. And you must choose the safe destination which has low car theft statistics to be safe with your pet.
In this article, we’re going to explore all the options to keep your pets safe during travel. We’ve also narrowed down the 10 best destinations you and your best friend can visit for a memorable time. Are you ready?
Let’s do this.

Top Destinations for Pet Travel

According to Vacationrentals.com, here are the 10 best destinations for pet travel.


Best destinations to travel with pets

Arizona takes pride in being a pet-friendly state and has a large number of dog owners in Phoenix, Mesa, Tuscon, and Flagstaff. There are also plenty of off-leash parks and pets are welcome at the Grand Canyon National Park.


10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets 2

The windy city boasts of over 18 off-leash parks where pets can run around free. There are also pet-friendly beaches over at Lake Michigan, the most notable one being Montrose Dog Beach. You can even take your dog on a 90-minute Mercury Canine Cruise.

San Diego

10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets 3

San Diego has excellent, sunny weather and 16 off-leash parks. The city also has plenty of al-fresco dining options for you and your pet.

The Finger Lakes

10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets 4

The lakeside towns in Finger Lakes love pets. You can take your fur baby to the 11 breathtaking lakes and 100 wineries. Local marinas also love dogs, and Watkins Glen State Park permits pets on a leash.


10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets 5

Portland is America’s 12th most walk-friendly city, and you can take your pet to any of the 30 off-leash parks in the city. For the outdoor enthusiast, Powell Butte Trail is a must see.


10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets 6

Austin has 18 off-leash parks and several walking tours across the city where pets are welcome. There’s also yoga for dogs and a dog-only swimming hole on Red Bud Isle.


10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets 7

Seattle is home to K9 Fun Zone, an indoor playground for dogs. Leashed dogs are also welcome abroad the Seattle Ferry Services Sunday Ice Cream Cruise.


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Charlottesville is a beautiful city that loves pets. The key attraction here is Thomas Jefferson’s hilltop estate, Monticello. The place permits pets as long as they are well behaved. The Carter Mountain Orchard is also a popular attraction.

San Francisco

10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets 9

San Francisco is a haven for pets of all sizes. The city boasts of plenty of parks that are pet-friendly and more than 50 hiking trails. You and your pet can also get on the Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise and on the city’s famous cable cars.


10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets 10

If you and your pet love nature, then the state of Wisconsin is your destination. Milwaukee has five off-leash dog parks, and Juneau Park on the shores of Lake Michigan allows pets on paddle-boards. Aside from Milwaukee, the state has 99 parks and recreational facilities such as the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Travel Safety for Pets

When traveling with your pet, treat your little fuzzball like you would a child. Remember, pets can’t communicate very well. Most domesticated pets always need your help with food, water, care, and safety. While animals still retain some of their instincts, as long as they’re with humans, they won’t revert back to being wild.
Safety not only while traveling but also for the rest of the trip should be your primary concern. Here are a few tips that can help keep your pet safe while traveling.

10 Best Destinations for Safe Traveling with Your Pets 11

Make Sure Your Pet Can Handle the Ride

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your pet is comfortable riding in the car. Plenty of pets get carsick, and a lot can’t take the stress of being inside a vehicle. If your pet isn’t used to car rides, it’s time for some practice.

Bring your pet over to your car and either help it inside or let it jump in with you. Stay there for several minutes and get out. Repeat the process until you see that your pet is comfortable, then start the engine. When your pet gets the hang of being in the car when the engine running, drive around the block for a bit.

Schedule a short drive to the nearest park or beach. Pick a spot where you know your pet will have fun, so it doesn’t associate car rides with trips to the vet.

Never Leave Your Pet Alone in the Car

Now that your pet has mastered the art of car rides, you guys will be cruising together continuously. The one rule about cars and pets that you can never break is leaving them in the car alone. Even if you crack the windows open a bit, automobiles turn into ovens when left in the heat of the sun even for a few minutes.

Get a Travel Crate or Container

Pet Gear The Other Door Steel Crate 27" - Tan/BlackIt may look cute, but never let your pet roam free inside your vehicle. An animal let loose inside a car can cause all sorts of havoc and mischief. Even the best-behaved pets can go nuts because of a trigger. Dogs can go bonkers when they see a squirrel or another dog, for example.
Or a cat can jump into your lap or hang out near your feet. Invest in a travel crate or any safe pet container for your best friend and make sure to secure it with a harness. Boxes act as a second home for your pet, offering a secure place where they can rest during the trip.

Go to The Vet for a Check-up

Before heading out, take your pet to the vet for a check-up. This will ensure that your pet is healthy enough to take the trip with you. Check with your vet if all vaccines are current, and make sure your pet gets the shots it needs to prevent sickness. If your pet gets carsick, as the doc for advice on how to handle it.
While at the clinic, have the doc install a microchip on your fur baby. Microchips contain all the essential information on your pet, including your contact details. Chips make it easy for the authorities to track you down in case your pet gets lost.

Buy a GPS Collar


If you have an escape artist for a pet, you can invest in a collar equipped with GPS. Most collars have companion apps for smartphones which enable the owners to track the location of their pets in real time. As a general rule, never let your pet wander off alone. If you have a dog, always keep in on a leash.

Speaking of leashes, always bring an extra collar and strap on your trip in case the one your dog is using breaks or gets muddy.

Bring Your Pet’s Documents plus a Recent Picture

Make sure to pack your pet’s vaccination records and other vital records. These documents will come in handy in case you lose your pet, or if officials ask for it because there’s a disease outbreak. In case of medical emergencies, bring a list of all veterinarians and animal hospitals in the area.

Plan a Route with Plenty of Stops

Like you, your pet will need to stretch its legs or use the facilities. Make sure the stops have ample space for your pet to roam around, do its business, and play a little. Use stops to feed and hydrate your pet, but not too much to avoid accidents on the road.

Bring a Pet First Aid Kit and Pet Food

Best destination to travel with pets

Sometimes, you can’t wait for help to arrive. Bringing a pet-specific first aid kit can save your pets life. Make sure it has all the essentials to treat your pet in case of an accident. Bandages, gauze, cotton, cleaning solution, medical staple, and clean water should be in the pack. Check out this article by the ASPCA for the complete list.
You’ll never know if the destination you choose has a pet store that carries food that your baby wants. To avoid upset stomach issues, always bring your pet’s favorite food.


There are plenty of places where you and your pet can go to have a grand old time. Most states are friendly to pets, and a lot have off-leash parks where your pet can roam around, free and happy. Just make sure to make safety your top priority, and pack smartly for two! Remember to have fun, and take lots of pictures to immortalize the experience.

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