10 Puppy Training Secrets for A Well Behaved Dog

10 Puppy Training Secrets for A Well Behaved Dog

Getting a puppy or a dog is a wonderful experience, but it is also the best time to start training it. The first weeks you might be faced with some naughty behaviors, for example, pooping and biting. These are also the best times to bond. This is why proper dog training is important for the first few weeks.

10 Puppy Training Secrets for A Well Behaved Dog

You ought to understand that a puppy cannot raise itself and training is necessary if you’re hoping to have a well-behaved dog. Here are some tips on how you should train your puppy to achieve a well-behaved dog;

1. Commands Only Once

The attitude is so important during training. When saying a command, say it only once and show the direction you want it to go or what you want it to do so that it understands. Learn to be patient while training your dog. Saying a command multiple times won’t make the puppy understand you. Never use punishment or force, especially when training your dog to have control over his bladder.

2. Ensure There are Playtime and Explorations Sessions

10 Puppy Training Secrets for A Well Behaved Dog 1Allow the puppy to play with other puppies or dogs. Whenever we take the puppies away from other puppies, it makes training difficult because they are still in the development stages where they need to play with other canines. It is recommended that the play sessions should be at least 3-5 times a week. Ensure that your puppy is not bullied by other puppies. It should not be playing with more than 6-8 puppies.

You also want your dog to explore other things such as kids, hair dryer, glasses, vacuum cleaner, etc. Let it approach the items on its own.

3. Teach Your Dog the Vocabulary of Words You Will Be Using

Always talk to your puppy while trying to bond with it. Let him know about all things, for example, the food you or he is taking, the observations you find outside while taking walks, etc.

4. Teach Your Puppy that You’re the Leader

Train your puppy to know that you are the leader, and he should respect you all the time. It is easy to get your dog to respect you by keeping him busy because by doing this, you will keep him away from doing the bad things or the things you don’t like.

10 Puppy Training Secrets for A Well Behaved Dog 2

5. Create a schedule/routine for your puppy

Create a schedule for your puppy such that you create a specific time for training sessions, play time, rest time, time to eat, etc. This helps in giving you time to supervise him closely.

6. Research on How Puppies Learn

A puppy knows how to solve problems, and he will struggle to get the positive results he needs at the moment. Read books and research on the internet to understand how dogs learn and the theories involved with training a dog. In case of difficulty, seek professional assistance. When a puppy is born, it already knows how to be a dog, you are only trying to bridge the gap between the dog and human communication, which causes issues in your home.

10 Puppy Training Secrets for A Well Behaved Dog 3

7. Make Training and Socializing Positive

Before getting a puppy, you need to understand that having a pet is considered as a 24/7 commitment. Try making the training a good thing by rewarding the dog. If you are not able to do the training yourself, then, find a trainer whose methods of training are nice and comfortable for your puppy. The trainer should be able to cover topics such as crate training, potty training, puppy biting, chewing on things, etc.

8. Train a Puppy to Go to the Bathroom Outside

10 Puppy Training Secrets for A Well Behaved Dog 4Take your puppy outside and always reward him whenever he does it on his own. Ensure that you don’t have puppy’s dirt in the house by having a cage where he sleeps. The cage will have to be in a perfect area where they see their way out and also where you can see so that you can notice if the puppy messes up in any way. You can closely monitor your puppy in this way. When you continuously put them in their cage during meal time or naptime, they will eventually love their cage because they will find it quiet and secure.

9. Use Positive Reinforcement Not Force

10 Puppy Training Secrets for A Well Behaved Dog 5If you can’t do it yourself, find a dog trainer who knows how to use positive reinforcement instead of intimidation or force. Your trainer will help you learn a lot about your puppy’s behavior and how you can handle it. Your number one aim should be to potty train, make your puppy feel safe and managing bites. The puppy’s first 13-16 weeks are very critical for socialization, so do not delay.

You should focus on guiding the puppy, rather than controlling. When getting a trainer to ensure he is qualified to help you guide your little puppy – gently expose him to things around the environment of the human world. An experienced dog trainer should make it easy for your puppy.

10. Make Learning Fun

Don’t play rough games that will hurt your puppy. Instead, it’s best to play with instructions, for example, you could be having the ball, then instruct them to get the ball while you are throwing the ball away. For the first time, you will be the one retrieving the ball but later on, your dog will learn. You could also hide the ball behind your back and tell them to find it.


Training your puppy is an important bonding time and a good experience between you and your dog. It also helps in enhancing loyalty and trust. Don’t start when the puppy is already a dog because that will be too late and too difficult to train. If a trainer is too expensive for you, consider getting a shock collar for small dogs which are quite affordable and help you train your puppy faster than most expensive training methods available.

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